Bike Santa Clarita

Bike Santa Clarita
Want to explore the Santa Clarita Trails? The City offers over 100 miles of picturesque trails and 20 miles of paseos designed for recreational use! Whether you are commuting to/from your hotel or taking a weekend bike ride with your friends and family, Santa Clarita offers miles of bicycle lanes, trails, and paseos available for your travels! Plus, we offer ample maps to help you get around.

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Printable off street bike trail map

Printable parks & trails map

Santa Clarita is home to thousands of acres of public open space that offers a variety of terrain and levels of difficulty for mountain bikes. These multi-use trails are also available to hikers and for horseback riding. Please observe the rules of trail etiquette and have a great time exploring.

Bike Rentals

Bicycle John’s
26635 Valley Center Dr.
Santa Clarita, California 91351
(661) 254-7300

Didn’t bring your bike? You can rent a bike at Bicycle John’s! Our amazing year round weather, gives you the opportunity to experience Santa Clarita up close and personal while enjoying the outdoors. From the beginner to the pro Bicycle John’s helps you prep the proper bike for all levels. Bicycle John’s friendly and knowledgeable staff looks forward to welcoming you!

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