Farmers Markets

Santa Clarita hosts several farmers’ markets where locals and tourists can pop in to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as scrumptious baked goods and a variety of delightful artisan crafts. There are culinary offerings to take home for preparation at Santa Clarita farmers’ markets, as well as delicious cuisine that can be enjoyed on the spot.

At Santa Clarita farmers’ markets, the area’s top farmers and vendors get together to provide organic fruits and vegetables, local seasonal produce, and other fresh fare and special goodies. These items are often priced better than grocery store items and taste so fresh they might have been picked that morning!

Maybe the pure enjoyment of farmers’ market products comes from the fact that shoppers can meet their growers, suppliers, and merchants in person and chat with them about how the items were grown. Spending the morning or afternoon at a farmers’ market in Santa Clarita is a great way to spend an hour or two, either by yourself or with family and friends immersing yourself in the Santa Clarita community. We think you’ll love our local farmers’ markets along with the food, people, music, and culture.