Santa Clarita Sunsets

The city is situated in between mountain ranges making it the ideal place to find some higher ground and enjoy the evening sunset. Heck you don’t even have to find higher ground there are so many places to see the beautiful sun tuck itself in for the night when you visit Santa Clarita. But, don’t take our word for it.  We invite you to see for yourself!

Towsley Canyon

Hike Towsley Canyon trails and experience nature and wildlife first hand. The journey includes mountainous regions, animal encounters and breathtaking views of Southern California. The 5.4-mile loop has 1,075 feet of elevation gain. If you are looking for something shorter, the park also boasts the Canyon View Loop Trail, which is just 1.9 miles long. Both trails offer spectacular views and are ideal for walking, hiking, and mountain biking leading you to a variety of lookout points where you can catch the sun setting just behind the mountains.



Lex Luthor Drop of Doom

Plan ahead and get in line to ride to the top of this 415-foot tower at Six Flags Magic Mountain for the fastest, highest free falling drop ride in SoCal that also offers up amazing panoramic views of a gorgeous southern California sunset.


Iron Horse Trailhead
This riding and walking path begins with the historic 1898 railroad trestle bridge adjacent to Magic Mountain Parkway and connects to the South Fork Trail. Not only does this bridge allow for some amazing photography, you can watch the sunset from the trestle bridge with Six Flags Magic Mountain in the background. The numerous roller coaster loops and towers make for some stunning sunlit photography.


Santa Clarita Parksphoto

If you’re looking for a romantic picnic in the park, Santa Clarita has over 30 parks to choose from. But, two parks stand out as far as catching the day’s last rays.  Canyon Country Park and Todd Longshore Parks are both on the east side of town are at higher elevations and therefore capture some fantastic views.


The Oaks Grille
Breathtaking views are available year round from this restaurant’s veranda at TPC Valencia, a par-72 photochampionship golf course that stretches 7,220 yards. Experience the elegant atmosphere and gourmet menu coupled with panoramic views of Santa Clarita. Make it a date night and  say “Cheers” as the sun sets.


Bridgeport Marketplace

This shopping center is filled with a variety of restaurants and shops. Stroll the bridge that overlooks the pond and feed the numerous ducks and turtles that swim below. Grab a bench and wrap your arm around your favorite person to enjoy the sun as it sets in the west. Bonus! During the holidays, all the trees are wrapped in white lights adding to the romantic ambiance.