Animals & Wildlife

Santa Clarita and its surrounding areas boast a wealth of amazing animals and wildlife. Often you can see wild animals roaming the mountainous regions of the county, including lizards, birds, rabbits, mountain lions and coyotes. The area is also home to a number of animal sanctuaries that provide a safe haven for rescued animals.

At Shadowland Foundation, hybrid wolves have a place to call home far away from hunters and from anyone that would do them harm. Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita gives farm animals like pigs, horses, cows, and chickens a safe home for the rest of their natural lives. Shambala Preserve is a spectacular place to see exotic rescued animals, such as snow leopards and African Lions. Rocky Ridge Rescue is a small animal sanctuary that has provided a forever home for rescued donkeys, horses, dogs, and other farm animals. The Gibbon Conservation Center is the only organization devoted exclusively to the study and preservation of gibbons and is home to the biggest group of gibbons in the Americas.

Farm Sanctuary’s Animal Acres has also given a home to many farm animals, including goats and sheep. All of these sanctuaries offer opportunities to see some of nature’s most beautiful beings and learn about their stories. Spending time with these animals often motivates visitors to learn more or contribute through donations or volunteering. Santa Clarita invites you to come explore the many sanctuaries, preserves, and wildlife refuges that the city has to offer.

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