Nightlife Activities

With so much to do during the day in Santa Clarita, it’s easy to see how you might want to turn in early for the evening. But for those night owls, the fun doesn’t stop when the sun sets. Whether you’re planning a date night for that special someone or prepping a fun night out with friends at a local bar, Santa Clarita has the best nightlife to make every night a memorable one. From live music and local bands to catching a comedy show or participating in trivia nights, there is something for every night of the week.

Santa Clarita’s comedy clubs, theaters, and performance venues will delight and entertain visitors year-round and late night. Find unique bars and restaurants offering live music of all genres. Choose to relax, rock-out, or dance the night away while enjoying a night cap in Santa Clarita. Catch local bands perform at bars and entertainment venues every week. Hang out with friends while sipping a cold beer or dance to local bands under the stars.

Special events pop up across town throughout the year, including the City’s very own Thursdays @ Newhall, where you will find unrivaled entertainment every Thursday in the historic Old Town Newhall district. Be sure to check Santa Clarita’s event calendar so you don’t miss the next Santa Clarita event.

Grab late-night bites at Santa Clarita restaurants and pubs that stay open late and cater to late-night cravings. And don’t sweat about thinking how to get around the city. Santa Clarita’s variety of public transportation and ride-sharing services make it easy to safely plan a night on the town.


Give your laughing muscles a good workout with a stand-up comedy show. Hear from comedians from around the nation at California’s local comedy clubs.

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