Laemmle Theaters

22500 Lyons Ave
(310) 478-3836

Laemmle, pronounced “LEM-lee”, is synonymous with great independent, foreign, and art house cinema.  In over 75 years of operation, they have been guided by their commitment to exhibit “quality film without regard to genre or provenance”. Their theaters serve over a million film patrons each year from several locations in the greater Los Angeles region including Santa Clarita.

In addition to standard movie-going, Laemmle provides unique cinematic experiences such as one-night screenings, special events, premieres, and Academy qualifications. These events reflect Laemmle’s commitment to being an artistic resource and gathering place for the entire Los Angeles community. In addition, the popular Sneaks Club gives over 60,000 cinephiles access to movies prior to their release, helping to create a buzz for an eclectic range of films that may rate high on artistry yet lack the marketing reach of big Hollywood releases.

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